The Gun Cart


Cree Vicar Dave ~ SASS Life #49907

The Gun Cart is an integral part of our sport.  When I got involved in Cowboy Action Shooting™ I recognized immediately the necessity of a cart.  But not just any cart would do.  I was looking for a gun cart that would fulfill all the needs of the game.  Not only to transport guns and ammo securely but also to be used as a seat while performing with style and delight.  It says of God in Psalm 65:11 “You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.”  I find this true about our sport because the love for God and Country are so prevalent among us.

The types of carts run the gamut.  From bare bones to grandioso.  You can buy plans to build one, purchase a cart already made or in my frugal estate, check out the pros ad cons of the different types and manufacture your own.

 The first cart I built looked and functioned very well.  But because I made it out of oak I almost needed a crane to hoist it in and out of my vehicle.  The second cart was made for travel.  I took an old golf bag cart and added a gun rack and a place to secure a small metal ammo box.  It was mobile but left a lot to be desired.  My third cart in the words of Goldie Locks was “Just right.”  The cart was made out of Red Cedar to make it light weight.  (White Cedar would also work.)  It has ample space for guns and gear and it can be folded down if needed for travel.  I installed deer skin on the gun rack where the metal meets the wood to protect the bluing.  In my opinion deer skin works better than foam.  I got the wheels at Meijer’s in the Lawn & Garden Department.  The size and width is to your discretion.  But I would advise having ball bearings.  A 1/2 inch threaded rod was used for an axle with lock nuts holding the wheels on.  The height of the ammo box setting on the cart is also “Just right” for sitting on.  Place the axle as far back as possible.  I put the axle a little too far forward; consequently it wanted to fall back when the ammo box was removed.  After moving the axle back a little more then an inch the cart’s stability was classified as “Just right”.  The cart has two compartments for storage.  One is up by the handle while the other is near the bottom.  The axle also acts as a hinge point to let the upright part fold down onto the ammo box pad.  To enable this the bottom box is removed and two lag bolts are unscrewed that hold the cart erect.  A cordless drill motor makes short work of this.  The butts of the guns set on foam rubber covered with a velvet material.  The ammo box pad has a lip around it to hold the box in place along with a small safety chain that clips onto the hasp of the box.

The outside measurements are around: 44” high x 24” wide x 28” deep front to back.  The handle is a 1” wood dowel and is off set to the back a little.  The side plates tapers from around 8” at the bottom to 3 1/2” at the top for a total length of 36”.  The cart has room for 5 long guns.  I usually have 3 or 4 guns, my walking stick and an umbrella strapped in.  They are held in place with a hinged gate locked with a dead bolt.  All lined with deer skin.  The storage compartment boxes have piano hinges and are held shut with a window swivel locks.  It may not be the perfect gun cart but real close.  The cart is light weight, dependable, and is able to fold down for transport.  My cart does overflow with abundance and I thank God for allowing me to participate in Cowboy Action.


Author's Note:  The original 2 wheel cart was converted to a 4 wheeler gun cart.

Be sure to always follow all safety and health rules when working on projects.

Hope ta see ya on the trail

God Bless,

Cree Vicar Dave